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I love it when I walk into a clients home to do their lifestyle newborn session and everyone just goes about their day and says “let me know when you need me somewhere in particular”. This certainly happened when I spent the morning with the Roberts family. Dad watches the formula one on the computer with his new baby girl, mum gets Miss 3 changed. There is laughter, cheekiness and love filling the house. There is a mother feeding her precious newborn, while big sister watches in amazement and snuggles in with mum too. Dad playing with dolls with his first baby, reading books while mum feeds, playing jumping on the bed and snuggling on the lounge when it nears rest time with both his girls. Miss A was rather unsettled and pretty hungry most of the session, but I just keep shooting, documenting and preserving a tangible memory. Because, this is everyday life, life with two adults, a toddler, newborn and cat. Its beautiful, rich and meaningful. I call it beauty in the everyday. This is why I love lifestyle photography,especially with a newborn in the home. It makes mum, dad and children relaxed and the true connections, personalities, love and laughter shine through in the images.  When Sheri saw her completed gallery she was teary. On the day she was, like all new mums, not feeling beautiful, tired and couldn't see the beauty in the everyday, she now can, she is open to seeing it and is taking it all in. I often say to people, when you look at an image on the wall when you walk into your lounge, what is it you want to see, a child sitting, smiling at the camera  because that is what they were told to do? Or an image of your child full of happiness, connection, emotion, because they are doing something they love, that is them. Do you want to see that connection that your husband and daughter have, that moment when your newborn baby snuggles into your chest, knowing he or she is safe. Often we are so caught up in it all, we forget to step back and take it all in. There is beauty all around us, everyday you just have to be open to see it. If you would like to capture your everyday life, the connections between you children that make you smile and the pure happiness of family life then contact me here to find out more. 



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