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Making decisions about which vendors you will use for your wedding are some of the hardest decisions you will make. Do you choose the cheapest, or the most expensive, the newbie or the most experienced? Through my work as a wedding photographer I have come to know many local wedding vendors who are supremely talented in their field. To help my blog readers out I thought I would share a series of interviews with these talented individuals about what sets them apart. I hope you enjoy.

When I started planning these blog posts to share with you all, I wanted to showcase local vendors who were everyday women, mums, running a business while looking after their little ones, just like I do. I strongly believe in supporting our local industry, our local mums, dads and families. So my first post is about an amazing local wedding florist who is an amazing business woman and a super mum, Leah of Leah Mitchell Floral. When I have a bride booked and they tell me their florist is the amazing Leah Mitchell Floral I do a little fist pump! Leah is amazingly talented and so passionate about her art. Leah is not only amazing at her wedding floristry, she is a warm, funny, kind, approachable, honest and giving human being and if you are lucky enough to know Leah you will know the person I am talking about. I asked Leah a couple of questions about floristry in weddings and if she had any tips for those planning their wedding. 


How long have you been in the wedding industry, in particular wedding floristry?

"I started floristry at 15 working part time in a florist. I ended up buying the florist at 18. I did a lot of weddings from my retail store and ended up realizing this was my real niche in floristry. I sold my florist shop after 8 years to concentrate solely on weddings. Best decision I've ever made. I absolutely love this aspect of floristry."


If you could give a bride one piece of advice about their wedding flowers what would it be?


"Find a florist you connect with. If flowers are an important part of your day, set a realistic budget and find a florist that can work with that and guide you. A florist should advise you and help you work out where's best to spend your floral budget as well as make suggestions regarding colour and style."


What do you think is the up and coming trends (e.g colours, style, flowers) for weddings in 2016/2017?


"Lots of Metallics are coming in especially used with peaches and blush pinks. I'm noticing brides want to have feature pieces as well and this is something I love to do. Hanging floral installations are my thing and I love a good challenge!" 


Jade Flores Photography

What if a bride has a very small budget?


"Keep it simple for the bridesmaids. If you have 5 bridesmaids and a small budget, it's going to be hard to keep the pricing down. Think of something simple and in season. I'd also suggest using more florals in reception than ceremony if you're limited with budget. You are only at ceremony a short time so don't go overboard there and skimp on reception if you want maximum effect for minimum dollars."


What flowers would you recommend for each season?


"I would say

summer - David austins, peonies and garden roses

Autumn cymbidium orchids

Winter tulips hyacinths

Spring anemones and ranunculus."


What is your favourite wedding floristry “theme” and why? 


"I love a loose, natural, garden theme with lots of full open blooms. I'd say my style is a romantic lush style and a lot of brides book me for that. Every florist has a "style" and it's important that you love your florists previous work and not simply book on price."


Thank you Leah for taking the time out of your busy life to talk to me and help our brides. If you would like to talk more to Leah about her services you can contact her via her website www.leahmitchell.com.au

I would love to talk to you more about telling your wedding story through images, If you would like more information about my wedding photography collections please email me here. and look through my work on my blog




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