Celebrating Family - Our Queensland trip 2015

August 07, 2015  •  1 Comment

We were super excited to be taking our girls on their second plane ride (their first was when then were 5 month old). We were a little worried how they would go be confined to a seat as they are very busy little girls, but they were fabulous! We arrived at the Gold Coast ready to celebrate their Pa's big birthday (which they were most excited about helping him blow out the candles!). We started our trip on the Gold Coast where we were experiencing an East Coast Low (which we had just come from!) We then headed up to Gympie, just past the Sunshine Coast, to my brothers property ready to celebrate. 

All the kids had a ball together running around in the rain, jumping in the puddles and getting all muddy.

Yep! this is my Dad, staying cool! (well trying to)

I love the next couple of images. I love seeing all the kids around Dad, showering him with love, kisses and "appy birfday's" 

Look at Miss Brooklyn looking up to her Pa with excitement, happiness eagerly awaiting his reaction. 

I am a bit cheeky when it comes to my Dad, I often like to give him presents that are a bit hmmm smart! He was sure that I had some big embarrassing moment or present planned for him (I had nothing but I didn't let him know that). We got Dad a gift certificate to skydive, and of course I had to hid it in a big box full of paper, which the kids loved! I unfortunately cannot show the pictures of my dad opening the gift certificate as I would be grounded at the age of 31 forever!

The older generation of cousins helping the younger ones, love seeing this

My brother Daniel and Amelia having her first ride on a motorbike, which she loved, how do we know this "go faster unle Dan, go faster"

There is a bit of an age gap between my brother and I. This bring back memories of him helping me learning to ride a skateboard....he tried! 


Yeah we are a crazy bunch......sometimes. 


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I love this post Jade!! Some beautiful and precious memories xx
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