Wollongong Newborn Photographer | Miss Ayla

July 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Miss Ayla, her mum Jessica and dad Dominic who I was so honoured to meet, hear their story and capture cherished images of their little girl. Jessica and Dom live in the Solomon Islands for Jess's work and Dom coaches a soccer team and spends time with the people and children in their community. Jess and Dom came home when Jess was 35 weeks and Miss Ayla was in no hurry to come and meet her family. It was a beautiful Winter's morning in Wollongong, NSW, and Jess and Dom were preparing for Ayla's birth. The moon was setting just over the mountain, it was a blue moon, that was large and full with a beautiful glow and rim of light around it. Jess thought it was beautiful and calmed her before her big day ahead. Jess messaged me the day after to let me know her little girl was here but they were yet to name her. They had a couple of names on the list, Ayla being one. As they couldn't decide that started to look up the meaning of names and here is Ayla's meaning, "halo of light around the moon" ​Perfect isn't it! Ayla was a delight to photograph, I didn't hear her cry once, nor did I see her sleep, well expect for the last 15 minutes (Dom jinxed us, Thanks Dom..LOL). Jess and Dom will move back overseas in the next couple of months and this is another reason why newborn photography is so important, they will now have precious moment frozen in time, for their parents and family to cherish while they are overseas and for generations to come. Thank you Jess, Dom and Ayla for welcoming me into your home and sharing your story with me. 

Here is a sneak peak of images from the session. 



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